Vic was responsive and met my needs with regards to completing a complete flooring installation in our home.”

Fred Aasheim

Our customers love what we do

We engaged Vic to replace our upstairs hardwood floors. We had 3/4 hickory overlaid on our existing hardwood floors (using glue and nails). It totaled about 1200 sq feet. Vic dealt with multiple changes prior to starting. The project took about 4 weeks to complete. It not only included the floor, but refinishing the stairs to match the floor, and dealing with all kinds of trim and molding issues. Vic's was not on-site everyday, however his crew was excellent. We lived in the house during the bulk of the work, and they were professional and responsive to our concerns and changes to the design and work. Vic also offers custom heat registers that matched the floor, these really are excellent. The floors have turned out fantastic, we regularly get compliments on the floor. Vic came in on bid, and overall it was a good experience.

Ellen M. - Seattle, WA

I hired Vic to refinish wood floors of a 1908 Victorian property in Queen Anne (Seattle). He showed up on time for the estimate, his work was very good (exceeded my expectations). His prices were not the lowest in the market, but they were very competitive. I ended up hiring him again for another property I own.

Deniz T. - King, WA

Getting your hardwood floors refinished is an arduous ordeal no matter how good it goes. We hired Vic to do our floors because he came in with a bid that undercut our other bid by 30%. The job was pretty much done by a man named David who has been refinishing hardwood floors for over 2 decades, and he really knows his stuff. He also is very pleasant to deal with and unbelievably patient. My wife is a retired interior designer and is, subsequently, very fussy about anything done in our house. David bore with us in choosing the proper stain color for the floors, and he was meticulous with all the processes necessary to complete the job. He needed to replace some old wood, and he called us constantly to keep us updated and to make sure we understood our options before completing any aspect of the job. In the end, the floors looked beautiful, and Vic came out to finish odd jobs after David was done for no extra charge. Vic is very straightforward and seems to honor his agreements. I would highly recommend this company,

Robert B. - Seattle, WA

Elite Hardwood Floors, and the owner Vic did a fantastic job accommodating my requests and demands. He was the only estimate I received who thoroughly priced every little thing and he did not cut corners. His bid was very fair and the final product is immaculate and I could not be happier. Our son just bought his first home with his wife and the first thing we told him to is hire Vic!! 5 star company from start to finish!

Luke M. - Wallingford, Seattle, WA